I hear you …

Suddenly, there he was. The little beautiful Panda bear. In the middle of ‘chaos’, on the first day of a new decade … we met. He playing his golden saxophone – as he always does. Me in a lovely city with magic everywhere. Outside the Musikverein in Vienna, just as the world famous new years concert was commencing. Cheerful people, smiling, excitedly looking forward to a concert they finally got their tickets for, most of them after years of waiting. Bodyguards, police, security, festive people everywhere …. and the Panda, playing his sax and seeking our attention. 

Sometimes  beautiful things come into our lives out of nowhere. We can’t always understand them – and we don’t have to. All we have to do is trust their intentions. This little fellow made my first day of the new year special. I named him Faith.

The entire world is literally boiling: Australia, Iran, Trump, warmongering, and mother nature screaming for our attention. Mental issues are proliferating, anxiety is increasing. On this beautiful first day of 2020, my heart softly cried while I had my little moment with Faith, taking his photo.  Australia is on fire and the intense voice of an interesting and very capable lady, my lovely friend Valentina said the other day: «It is our war …» I got the message – from someone close to the action, surrounded by burning challenges everywhere. Her words lingered with me for days. But really – it’s not her war, not their war, this is our war. To regain faith in our future, we must get ourselves and the planet in balance. This is about you and me working together – there is no them or us, we are in this together. 

Listen to what nature is trying to tell us: ‘Enough is enough, we are at a tipping point!’  As a society we have taken many steps in the wrong direction, and it is my sincere hope that this is now changing. That more people will open their eyes and hearts toward changes. Big changes! In order to help nature – that’s us – back to a balanced situation, we need a change in attitude, a change to how we value, use and distribute our resources.

Let’s use love as a weapon, hope as an energy-drink and focus as our guide toward restoring that balance – making our planet a sustainable environment for ourselves, for future generations – and for every living creature.

Let’s dedicate this decade to nature and commit ourselves to the goal of using all available knowledge to restore harmony with nature. We are nature.

Let’s use our common voices to advocate this positive and necessary change.

I hear you, Faith. We hear you! ♥️

Wake up – get educated …
A great place to start is by reading The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Well. However much you think you know about the climate crisis, this book will open your eyes even wider. Gripping, furiously readable – and terrifying. A must read!

And do not forget your children, they need education and inspiration, and parents that ‘lead by example’.

Boken er tilgjengelig på Kindle (engelsk) og
i Apple Books (engelsk og norsk).

A glimpse of Vienna through my eyes ….

Varm takk til deg som deler.

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  1. Climate change is the biggest threat we face.
    At this very moment, on Costa Blanca we are having unusual strong winds and heavy rains. People are advised to stay inside, whcih is very unusual for this area. Even the insurance companies are sending warnings to their clients about the weather conditions.

  2. A great message and inspiring post!
    We all need to reflect upon, on what we can do, to better our society, and improve the realation btwenbetween us and our planet.

    We can no longer wait to start correcting all the miss steps on the he wrong way, we’ve systematically been doing.

    Definitely going to look for the book you recommended, we need all the education we can on this theme.

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