The tyranny of convenience …

When walking out of a meeting this afternoon, I was inhaling. Deep … You know, the inhales that make you feel ‘loaded’ … I smiled as I automatically moved my eyes up towards the sky. A habit of mine …   Oh’my … What a beautiful sight …

Interestingly enough, what was sent to me at this beautiful moment, was a reflection of what the intense meeting I just left was all about …  a window and a heart. You will find it in the photo … It was a lovely, flirtatious moment, almost as if someone was teaching me a lesson … `Hanne, don’t just motivate other people to move on, change careers, focus, say goodbye’ etc.  – do it yourself. Keep on moving. Listen to your heart!

If we can see our mind as a window of the heart, shouldn’t we try to focus on courage over fear? Open up for growth, joy and love even if it means leaving what feels like a safe harbor … a place in life where everything is (conveniently) set. If we open up to new adventures, new acquaintances, new career … as examples, we bring light in through our ‘window’ and the heart will feel the light.

In short: By putting convenience aside and dare to explore new ways, we can not only fulfill our own dreams – but also contribute to those around us. Create growth, spread energy, set new goals. ♥️

Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress;  working hard for something we love is called passion.

~~  Simon Sinek


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  1. Utrolig inspirerende tekst sett i sammen med det vakre hjerte som gjenspeiler seg i vinduet Hanne. Det er så mye mening, fornuft og klokskap i tekstene dine at jeg er stum av beundring <3

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