Gratitude and acceptance …

Words and photography are to me a wonderful exercise in gratitude. To stop for a while. Breathe, feel. Give thanks. At the other end, we share our moments.

Via social media (Instagram in my case) we connect with people all over the world, the beautiful world we share. We learn … about differences in cultures, in politics, in behavior …  and accept those differences. 

These last few days have been weird. As a true believer in growth, I try to open up and take in some of what life delivers. From terror in New Zealand to ‘The International Day of Happiness’ – from a cyberattack on one of Norway largest companies, via the beautiful acceptance of our differences in ‘World Down Syndrome Day’, to the challenges in my personal and professional life … as a few examples. 

Now and then we need time, time to breathe, to charge …. The picture I share today is probably nothing to most of you. To me it represents a golden moment. A crisp, cold, sunny day …  alone, just Troy ‘the dog and me’ …  far away from all and everyone. There’s no place I feel more at ease than in the mountains. Skiing for hours. Letting go of all things I cannot do anything about. Accepting who I am, focusing on where to direct my energy in order to maximize my contribution.

My strong, warm and wild heart is grateful for everyday treasures, beautiful moments and find joy in even the smallest things. Let’s enjoy our moments, without turning our collective back to the pain in and of the world. It’s should not be either/or – it should be ‘exhale/inhale’. With love … ♥️


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  1. Jeg forstår deg så godt Hanne og følger deg i sporet 🙂 Disse små “avstikkerne” med alenetid gir glede, håp, humør og mye positiv energi. Sånn er det bare <3

  2. Herlig Inger. Takk for at du følger … både i og utenfor sporet. Kan vi si ‘ja takk’ til begge deler, om alenetid og det hektisk sosiale … Ja, ikke bare kan, men bør. Alenetid tilfører og gjør sterk. Du er fin, … sånn er det bare. Ditt varemerke♥️

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