“Be the fire in someone’ s life …”

“Hanne, hvorfor poster du et inspirerende innlegg som dette kun på Instagram? Hva med theotherear.no?” Spørsmålene kom i ulik drakt fra et par av mine følgere kort etter publisering.  Og sant nok – tankereisen og erfaringene kan være inspirasjon også for andre. Ai ai … så godt det er å bli oppfordret til deling selv av enkle budskap – som inneholder masse glede.  La oss kjøre på:

9 months ago my nephew Thomas encouraged me to join Instagram. I think he even sold me up on the idea that it would be a “perfect match”. My first reaction was ‘no thanks, I want more time to do the things my body and soul longs for’. Things that clear my mind, make me feel stronger and ready for new challenges. 

After months in this so called  insta-world or ‘insta community’, I feel grateful. Instagram is so much more than posting a photo or two every day or week to get our dopamine-levels rising. On Instagram we share values, we share hope, we inspire and let ourselves be inspired. We are introduced to new perspectives, to people from different cultures, from far away countries. We show support and are grateful for the support given back to us.

There are so many beautiful people out there, and I would love to connect with more than the 500+ great people I have chosen to follow for now. But my genes are comfortable with this level. I need to feel connected, keep it at a level where time allows me to not only take a quick look, but to read some of the wonderful captions, to comment and learn. I do admire those of you with thousands of followers and the same amount to follow. Who use hours every day to feed us with new inspiration, being the fire in someones life. Who take the time to encourage those of us who are newbies, to go out there and share what we have and whom we are. To share joy, hope and love – from a beautiful world.

Happy vibes and a warm thankful smile to you all. ♥️

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